Band Biogs


David plays fiddle, and guitar and is the band's dance caller. He is a respected authority on Australian traditional dance music and was responsible for the well-known Bush Dance - Tune Sets(1984). David directed a set of dance music cassettes for the Bush Music Club (1988) and contributed to the Australian Folk Music Resource Kit (1991). As conductor/leader of the Heritage Ensemble, David has been musical director for the annual BMC Heritage Ball since 1983. An updated folio Bush Dance Music is in preparation.He is a keen supporter of the National Folk Festival where he leads the Festival Bush Orchestra.


Anne plays piano, and occasionally calls dances too. Her solid dance rhythm is a feature of the band's sound.
Anne has played with Southern Cross Bush Band for more than 20 years, contributing the bush bass, then guitar and now electric keyboard. Anne has recorded for ABC TV as well as for 2MBS FM.


Peter joins us from time to time adding the power of his accordion and concertina and bringing a strong repertoire of songs. Peter hails from nearby Goulburn where he regularly leads a strong Celtic music session.


Maria is a wonderful fiddler who also enjoys the relaxed lifestyle of Penrose, where she lives with nature artist James, their two children Oscar and Prue, and a yard full of chooks. Maria joins the lineup from time to time adding vocal and fiddle harmonies.


James is our eldest son. He plays piano accordion, recorder, and piano with amazing dexterity. All those music lessons certainly paid off!
James has performed with The Heritage Ensemble, Southern Cross Bush Band, String Fiddle Tradition and is an accomplished musician in a variety of styles. Currently living in the Blue Mountains, he rejoins the lineup when he can.


Our youngest son, Andrew (aka AJ) is passionate about music with a message and writes and arranges his own material. With Paddys River he plays acoustic guitar and sometimes electric bass. He joins us from his Sydney abode when he is able.