To book the Paddys River Band there are four simple steps.

Bookings will be taken up to twelve months in advance.

Further Booking Information

A fully professional PA system is included in the band hire. This is suitable for most venues and audiences. Please advise if additional PA, Stage, Dance Floor, Lighting, or Special Effects are required so that an additional quote can be arranged for you. 

* Use of microphone and extension lead for announcements, speeches, toasts etc. 
* Use of input source amplified through front of house speakers for playing appropriate background music during the band's breaks. 
* Band leader David Johnson is available to MC proceedings, to award spot prizes during the Barn Dance, judge a costume competition, etc as required. 
* Provision of Singalong songsheets.

If required Paddys River Band can provide function support ranging from simply providing text and photos through to full promotion management. Our publishing facilities can provide press releases, posters and handbills to assist you.

The band generally performs in brackets either 30 minutes on 10 off or 45 minutes on and 15 off. This can be varied to suit your programme. Background music can be played during band breaks. The timing is flexible enough to work around the event programme. 

Setup Time: An hour prior to performance is needed for PA and stage setup. (This, and packup time, is not included in the performance booking time). Earlier setup to avoid overlap with guest arrival can be arranged for an additional fee.
Power Requirements: The band requires only one 240 volt power outlet.
Meals: It is usual practice if a meal is being served to guests for food to be provided for the band also. The timing of a meal break would, of course, be determined by entertainment requirements.